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Exchange of ideas at the PAPERLESS LAB ACADEMY 2016 Strengthens its success

The Paperless Lab Academy 2016, held on 19 and 20 April in Barcelona, closed its doors again with many positive impressions, from visitors of the industry, suppliers and sponsors.

Innovation, cloud, data integrity and process improvement were the key topics in this edition. 

Among the presentations , we highlight the contribution of Michael Shandler, Research Vice President, Life Science R&D en Gartner who described the event as one of the best in its category. Michael Shandler opened the event with his vision of laboratory practices in the digital age. Key to innovation, he argued, is the combination of technologies from different industries and cooperation amongst parties.


Data integrity was discussed from a technical, legal, business and risk management perspective. the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering  (ISPE) provides, via the GAMP-community, guidance on how to cope with challenges in data integrity. Axon Lawyers’  Sofie van der Meulen informed attendees about the latest developments on data protection legislation, in particular on the protection of intellectual property. During the session she showed that legislation still has got some flaws in these areas, making dealing with data protection a challenging practice. The event concluded with regulators like the FDA which is taking action with lawmaking and clarifying their viewpoint on the subject. 

The balance is more than 200 attendees, 17 countries represented, 16 interactive workshops sponsored, 2 sessions for celebration and networking,  and highlights in the questionnaires: the atmosphere of exchange of ideas and experiences.

The organization wants to thank all participants, collaborators, visitors and sponsors who have made it possible.

The success is yours ! 



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