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Our great news overcoming a challenging year

As Christmas time is approaching in a very challenging year, we would like to take the opportunity to hope all the best for you and your loved.

2020 has introduced us to extremely challenging situations, to everyone in this planet. We’ve all been impacted in a way or another, some more severely, and we all remain profoundly sad. Yet, the situation was calling for action and we focused on alleviating the suffering when and where possible.

A lot of things happened, yet it has also been the opportunity to again adapt and look for moving forward with strong desire to reach a new “normal”.

This post is a positive look to what we´ve been able to achieve while overcoming emotional and financially the impact of the pandemic situation.

NL42 was created in 2012 with the intention to bring to our customers the decennial experience of its founders and help improving how the quality processes are implemented to achieve the goal of “paperless” activities. On this past 8 years, we´ve consolidated a reputation of wise experts with professional “savoir-faire” and care to details. We´ve developed a portfolio of independent consulting services and invest lot of energy and enthusiasm in the Academy

Paperless Projects Execution

We have been very fortunate to collaborate in various initiatives we have developed together with our customers  and partners.

The number of customers trusting our experience and knowledge has largely increased in the last years. We are pleased to know that customers have been able to start their digital transformation journey with us, they have implemented critical systems and validated them. We are pleased they have chosen us to support them during this journey.

ISO 9001 certificationIn order to support all these initiatives, we have worked hard to streamline also our processes with the acquisition of an “end-to-end” solution to support all our activities. The automation of these tasks has allowed us to be more reliable and timelier in providing you our services.

During 2020, we have made a large investment to develop a Quality Management System and we are pleased to inform you that we have achieved the ISO9001 accreditation just few weeks ago. We believe this is an additional demonstration of our continuous commitment to deliver always better services to our customers

The NL42 Team is growing

We have always believed in building a flexible working environment to provide the best services to our customers. At the same time, it was very important to ensure that sufficient resources were available to deliver the best projects. We are working with a series of great partners and, despite the difficult circumstances, we decided to expand the NL42 team.

As some of you already know NL42 stands for “New Life for Two”, and this is how this personal initiative started.  Yet the team is growing as we decided to sacrify management incomes rather than employees and partners.

We’re glad to introduce you to:

Alida Manchado NL42Alida Manchado Gonzalez has joined NL42 as Junior Project Manager during this year and helped us in very strategic projects with customers. She has also taken the role of Quality Assurance Manager and led us to a successful ISO certification supported by a complete paperless Quality Management System.

Alida has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Navarre, Spain. She also has a master’s degree in research, development and innovation in medicine. Alida is Based in Alicante, Spain.


Giulia Mussi NL42Giulia Mussi, co-founder at Impronta Digitale, a Web agency based in Milan, is a key asset for NL42 : since 2018, she collaborates in all related digital marketing projects supporting the Paperless Lab Academy initiatives and the event management.




Bharti Khanna,Bharti Khanna NL42 founder director at Amarant LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd based in Delhi, India is our key local partner for the management and organisation of the Paperless Lab Academy® editions in India.



The Paperless Lab Academy® is expanding geographically and proposing more initiatives

NL42 is the organiser of the Paperless Lab Academy®, an initiative started 8 years ago as a European congress that has grown along the editions as a platform where to find information about scientific data management, automation and digitisation of laboratory and quality processes, amongst other related topics.

A lot of companies have joined the PLA, as sponsors and also as visitors. More than 50 companies have chosen PLA as a trusted platform to promote their products. More than 1,500 people have joined the PLA initiatives: Event, Training courses and Webinar ( see Academy Webinars Program)

The PLA network is growing every day at 360 degrees, more companies that own laboratories are reaching out for information while new innovative providers are looking for being visible to our increasing PLA Community. Last but not least, this would not be possible without the golden contribution of the PLA speakers at the Event editions and webinar sessions.

The impact of the pandemic situation to the event organiser industry has been really strong and we had to run a quick and decisive risk management for our PLA2020 European edition that was planned by April 2020.

While postponing the European edition to 2021 thanks to the support of the 30 providers that were confirmed to 2020, we invested time and energy in learning quickly how to reach the same quality standards through a virtual approach.

We have just concluded our first virtual event, the first edition of the Paperless Lab Academy® in India, which was planned by November 2020. Even if it has been a virtual event with the limitation in networking that we all know, the satisfaction survey has confirmed the relevance of its program which has been extremely welcome by the Indian industry.

We are now looking forward to 2021 edition in Hyderabad to return to live events

We are now working hard to ensure we can join you in April 2021 for the new edition of the congress.

We really wish that you too, out of this pandemic situation, have some positive news to share and have identified new opportunities at personal and profesional levels.

Thanks to our partners and customers for remaining close to us.

Follow us to know more about of Paperless Lab Academy Initiatives 




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