Why working with us

A paperless project is about improving the efficiency and quality in the acquisition, management & archiving of your data. Design and develop processes for impeccable data capture, infallible systems integration and perfect control over your entire data life cycle. Focus on quality because you start with the end in mind implementing safely and compliantly in line with your national and international regulation norms

Method of work

Start with the end in mind: it is the primary goal of our projects. We define with you the best infrastructure to fit your purpose and allow your company to benefit from the work we perform together. We avoid acronyms too often used to draw a solution. Your company just needs the best platform to fit your purpose.

Quantify your success: We will collaborate with your team to define measurable improvements which can be presented to the company’s management as part of the business case to demonstrate the ROI of our projects.

Identify your needs: a structured and pragmatic approach to assess your data life cycle, identify the potential data integrity risks, the silos of information, the processes which may generate bottlenecks or producing a low value to the company.


We approach the project inception and execution according to high-level standards, irrespective the size and the complexity.
Molecular biologist and informatics engineer by education, we have developed leadership skills throughout our managerial careers at international level. We combine profound managerial and technical know-how, and become your most adequate interlocutor to listen to your needs and propose pragmatic solutions.

Our belief is that quality is not a requirement but a lifestyle and only by investing in people, we create added value and drive the change management.

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Independent advisors

We operate independently while supporting you throughout the entire project. We help you during the selection process, providing you a well-established set of criterias to choose your best solution.

We have developed a large network of partners and accumulated deep knowledge during the preparation of our annual European congress Paperless Lab Academy. The event hosts every year more than 20 providers of lab informatics solutions. Some of them are very well known and industry leaders, others are new comers with innovative solutions. www.paperlesslabacademy.com

Paperless Lab Academy Organisers