Selection progress

Let´s forget the acronyms

We design solutions for your business needs. We help you in searching the best technical tools that are fitting with your requirements.

We have spent a large amount of time selling technical solutions. We want to offer this experience during a very critical phase of the “paperless” projects: the selection of the best suppliers.

We offer a very structured approach to support this critical phase, while allowing the necessary flexibility to stay close to your specific needs.

We provide a full package of services to drive the selection process in the most professional and reliable manner. As independent consultants, we don’t have any specific interest in proposing one supplier or another one.

Our only goal is to ensure that the selected company is capable of offering the products and services that better fit with your company. Moreover, the organization of the Paperless Lab Academy allows us to have full visibility of the companies which are providing solutions to the market. We are able to evaluate not only their products but also how they plan to respond to the market demands in the future and which technological plans they have.

From the preparation of the User Requirement to the support on the contract negotiations, we offer the full range of services which is giving your company the highest level of attention during this critical phase.