Lab scheduling solution

Whether you’re thinking about implementing a new software for lab automation, need help to utilise your existing LIMS more efficiently or need support with a specific problem or project, then we are here to help. Our experience in the sector of digitalization of laboratories puts us in the position to support you and guide you in the choice of the software that perfectly fits your organization and your needs.

Furthermore, our expertise and the thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, led us to identify a gap in the software solution market: a laboratory resources management tool. This brought us to develop and market Optima – a web-based, stand-alone scheduling software that helps plan the laboratory resources and activities and moreover ease the forecasting at short, medium and long term.

The software allows you to handle all scheduling and planning activities for your lab and identify the productivity gap – all with one single tool.
With Optima, you can schedule activities and instruments but also the human resources that work in your laboratory and the tasks allocated to them; you can track and report all the activities, the projects and the resources involved in the daily activities in your lab; you can optimize the processes in your lab and operate smoothly and efficiently with the app that is built for the purpose.