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AGQ Labs moves its data driven laboratories strategy to the next level

AGQ Labs digital transformation strategy aims for laboratory 4.0

AGQ Labs is a chemical technological center, with 25 years of experience. It offers solutions and services for agri-food, environmental, industrial, and mining sectors.

All Laboratories are accredited under ISO17025 and equipped with the most advanced technology. They specialise in developing robust and competitive analytical methods for each of every market they serve, along with strong focus on the corresponding local and international compliances requirements.

AGQ labs chooses NL42 to reach next level of standardisation and efficiency 

AGQ Labs is launching several initiatives for implementing their digital transformation strategy and reach their Lab 4.0 vision of the future. The scope is to streamline the complete production line, from sample reception to final results to the customer, and  to incorporate latest technologies and methodologies. It should ease remote processes like sample collection in the field. Additionally it should add speed and control along the data workflow.

“We believe this project will take us to higher level of standardisation and efficiency. it will empower fall our laboratories over the globe  in delivering best quality services to our customers. We are confident in going through this journey with the support of NL42 consulting. The ultimate goal of the journey is to reach paperless processes and benefit from the advantages that this brings in terms of performance and productivity, quality and compliance” says Antonio Belmonte Corporate Director of Production and Quality at AGQ Labs.

AGQ Labs, deliver sustainable and scientifically backed solutions tailored to their customer needs though and extensive international network of laboratories and commercial offices.

With an organic growth of 20% per year, the AGQ Labs group has also acquired several laboratories in order to accelerate entry into new markets or to incorporate new analytical capabilities and technologies

From NL42 Consulting “we appreciate the trust AGQ Labs has placed on us and we are eager to reach the key milestones of this innovative project, working closely with the AGQ Labs project team” comments Roberto Castelnovo, CEO at NL42 Consulting.

For more information on NL42 services read more about ” let’s restart together”  

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