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Digital Transformation Journey in a growing pharmaceutical Italian company

When a company like Zeta Farmaceutici Group decides to be part of the industry 4.0 revolution, the journey starts from looking objectively, internally at the actual situation. The business process review identifies the key priorities for digitisation and defines process improvement plan to be implemented along the way.

Zeta Farmaceutici Group is an Italian industrial business, comprising a group of companies, specialised in the development, production and distribution of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and biocides. Zeta manufactures and sales its own-brand products. Additionally, Zeta offers contract manufacturing, industrial partnership with companies and groups in Italy and abroad.

Zeta  chooses NL42 to integrate expertise and domain knowledge into their digital project

In its digital transformation journey, Zeta has opted for integrating expertise and domain knowledge, trusting in external forces from NL42 Consulting. Along the journey Zeta has put together a dedicated and strong team which is quickly learning and becoming expert in quality and laboratory processes digitalisation.

The goals of the project were to bring the company quality processes to the next level, improve efficiency of organizational processes and visibility of cost associated to most QC related efforts.

From the initial phase of business process and IT infrastructure reviews, the project has been completely framed and priorities have been set for the different phases.

“It is remarkable how much has been accomplished in few years, considering the pandemic situation. We are confident to reach our timeline as expected thanks to the continuous professional support from Roberto Castelnovo and his team at NL42 Consulting” comments Mr. Andrea Nicolato, Qualified Person.

The team went through building up technical and user requirements and selection processes for each of the phases. Starting from Document Management System, following by Quality Management System, and now proceeding with the Laboratory data management systems

“ Personally, I have appreciated and learn from the pragmatic approach of NL42 when running a selection process. Today, I am also using it in other activities in my professional work” says Ms. Silvia Primon, Quality Control Manager.

For more information on NL42 services read more about ” let’s restart together”  

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