This unprecedented situation is not over, we all know, and we ought to be cautious for the safety of our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. The outbreak has forced us to reconsider priorities and focus on most important: Health.

At work, it is time to challenge the paradigm and think differently on how to proceed from now on.  Yet, it is not so easy to know how to start, or re-start. This counts for all sectors and industries, hence also for laboratories and quality processes, when it comes to successfully digitalised them.

At NL42, experts on projects about paperless processes, we stand by you and offer our expertise’s to quickly assess your challenges and design with you the most suitable strategy for “smart working.

Need to find Quality Time for your paperless project?

Add an external expert in you team! Extra help provides you more resources to delegate to with the confidence to work with a skilled senior expert that will drive your project and make it happen.

We work under the PMBOK Project management guidelines and have delivered successfully 100´s of projects of different magnitude and complexity.

You’ve already implemented a paperless solution without really benefiting from all its capabilities?

Thinking about updating or replacing a Legacy system might be overwhelming.  Old systems might not be providing anymore the support required for today needs.

The team is not ready to work differently? We can help here. Processes review is an opportunity to speak out and highlight the pains and the expectations during coordinated workshops. Requirements and priorities are then popping up easily for better decision making on your project milestones.

6 factors for a successful implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System

Are your data management policiessafe and compliant?

Your Data lifecycle extends across departments and its governance requires good practices to be followed. Understanding the criticality’s of setting common master data and policies might help and some educational effort should be considered.

We can help reviewing and auditing your situation, provide risk management assessment and recommendations for remediation.

Are your data management policies supporting the GXP Compliance? 

Has your Data Integrity project fully covered your data lifecycle?

We’ve all attended the thousand trainings, webinars and presentation about DI recommendations and guidelines. We know by heart the ALCOA definition and read several scary 483 letters.

DI is common sense and again control of your data. Where are they? How are they processed and reviewed? How are they stored and protected? 
How many human interactions prone to transcription errors can be removed?

We can run a comprehensive risk assessment and propose independent paperless recommendations on how to solve the GAPs

How to secure Data Integrity along your eData Life cycle?

As a matter of fact, laboratories and companies within the life-science industry are key in these difficult times and a lot can be done to ease the execution of the most critical activities, yet being compliant to the regulations and the social distancing required for COVID-19.

It is time to initiate and implement solutions that can increase efficiency and integrity in your laboratory and your quality processes.

Cloud systems, Internet of Lab Things, Integrity and Integration, centralised knowledge center, Scientific Data Management, remote supervision, Electronic Notebook & Laboratory Management Systems selection, Business Intelligence… The topics are just illimited, yet data centered.

We can work by your side and drive you to a successful and optimised implementation of the process for the acquisition, management & archiving of your data.

Let us help you to quickly move to a new data management era

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