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AMSLAB, laboratory of excellence chooses NL42/LV6 LIMS Solution


amslabAMSLAB implements a new LIMS solution, LabVantage 6, with the goal of optimizing the Efficiency and the Quality of their laboratory. Efficiency and Quality describe perfectly Manuel Lolo´s strengths (AMSLAB CEO) and also the commitment of his company towards his customers.

AMSLAB (Applied Mass Spectrometry Laboratory SL) is specialized in chemical and physical tests, and provides analytical solutions using cutting edge technology. In less than 5 years, the laboratory has become an important centre of excellence in the use of mass spectrometry in Spain and outside.

AMSLAB enables its customers to develop new products, conducts relevant quality controls and ensures compliance towards regulations and legislation. The sectors covered go from food, pharmaceutical, textile, environmental, chemical and clinical-forensic among others.

Manuel Lolo´s solid reputation has allowed him to award contracts with the largest companies in their respective markets at national and international levels. These companies are relying on the main strengths of AMSLAB: the high level of Quality thanks to the outstanding knowhow and the extremely competitive response time. Companies rely on AMSLAB for the quality control of their suppliers and their end products.

“We are very transversal since we work within a huge variety of industries. We are not focusing on any specifically yet we do specialize in the technology. “Explains Manuel Lolo to the press, Progress (Article June 20, 2013)

Manuel Lolo has focused all its efforts since the beginning of his adventure on the human factor. It has become the key differentiator of his organization. He has built a highly qualified, specialized, motivated and dedicated team and keeps high attention on the latest technology.

Our strength is the expertise and the ability to take on complicated projects.” Comments Manuel Lolo to the press, La Voz de Galicia (Article June 30, 2013)

Since the beginning of his adventure in 2008, in Lugo, AMSLAB keeps multiplying its sales revenues and employees. 2.5 Million euros, 40,000 analysis and 50 employees by 2012, increasing to 70 people as of today. They have recently moved to a largest new facility and are now ready to go through the implementation of a new data management system. The new LIMS solution will allow them to meet immediately their quality requirements, streamline their laboratory workflow that operates 24 hours 365 days per year and support their future needs and initiatives.

Manuel Lolo and his team met with NL42 Management Consulting S.L. in order to define accurately the business expectations and the current and future operational needs of the laboratory. NL42 has prepared the requirements for the new data management solution and the LabVantage proposal has finally been awarded. AMSLAB relies on a solid provider to support their laboratory data management needs, enhance their productivity, reduce costs and add to the quality of their services.

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