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Male Infertility at the Science & Technological Park of Madrid


Halotech DNA SL is a biotechnology company that provides easy and straight forward detection solutions for human and animal male infertility to In-Vitro Detection (IVD) Clinical Lab, fertility and assisted reproduction Centers and also R&D laboratories.

The patented technology of Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test allows the measurement of DNA fragmentation in human and animal sperm cells under the registered trademarks kits Halosperm® and Halomax® respectively.

Created in 2008, the office and the production line of Halotech DNA S.L. are held within the Science and Technological Park of Madrid.

Recently Halotech has requested support to NL42 to design their future business strategies, streamline their commercial activities and coordinate the launch of their newest product Oxisperm® during the ESHRE Congress in London last July 2013.logo Halotech

 Working with NL42 has allowed us to look at possible solutions with new creative ideas. The company has acquired new competencies in a very easy way thanks to their pragmatism and structured approach.  Even more importantly, I always felt supported in solving my daily problems” says Altea Gosalbez Lopez, managing director at Halotech DNA S.L.

Male infertility is unfortunately the last consequence of a long list of possible pathologies: from hormonal imbalances, to physical problems, psychological and/or behavioral problems. Other causes are related to possible infection in the male reproductive tract, varicocele, diabetes, cancer, cell phone radiation, alcohol, snuff, drugs, environmental pollution, toxic exposure, as also advanced age.

Male infertility is traditionally assessed through the sperm concentration, mobility, vitality, and morphology (ref. WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen – fifth edition 2010). This says little about the sperm cells functionality per se.

Halotech has incorporated into its portfolio a critical and unique complementary asset to its tool kit to address the level of oxidative stress that the sperm might be carrying on along with DNA fragmentation.

“This asset brings to the Fertility Centers a unique opportunity to realize a complete male patient study, offers the most adequate treatment to revert level of reactive oxygen species in semen and finally to suggest the best assisted reproductive technique to the couple” comments Jaime Gosalvez, Professor of Genetics, University Autonoma of Madrid, scientific advisor at Halotech DNA S.L.

Halotech is rapidly becoming a reference in the assisted reproduction market and is providing critical products and services to assist laboratories supporting couples in their desire to have babies.

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