Our strong expertise in the sector and the thorough understanding of our customers’ needs led us to develop and market Optima – a web-based scheduling software that helps plan the laboratory resources and activities and moreover ease the forecasting at short, medium and long term.

What does Optima do

Plan, schedule and adjust

Create a paperless lab scheduling taking into account resources availability, constraints and deadlines. Deliver the lab results efficiently by adjusting the resources allocation according.

Forecast your lab workload

 Provide accurate resource needs based on your customers’ requirements, both internal and external. Deliver a laboratory business plan with just one click.

Track your lab performance

Full visibility on your lab performance. Resource utilization, instrument usage and availability for allocation immediately visible in the weekly schedule with easily customizable reports.

Laboratory Management System

Easily import information from any compatible laboratory management system to automate the lab scheduling activities.

Communicate efficiently

Avoid endless e-mail and unnecessary meetings. Provide the lab workload information to your customers with automatic reporting and remote access to their projects.

Monitor the process improvement

Set your lab goals in the application and monitor the achievement on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

The software allows you to handle all scheduling and planning activities for your lab and identify the productivity gap – all with one single tool.
With Optima, you can schedule activities and instruments but also the human resources that work in your laboratory and the tasks allocated to them; you can track and report all the activities, the projects and the resources involved in the daily activities in your lab; you can optimize the processes in your lab and operate smoothly and efficiently with the app that is built for the purpose.