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Paperless Lab Academy 2017 confirmed as best lab automation European Congress

At NL42  we are extremely pleased with the results and feedback received after the recent acquisition of the event’s organization ( Press Release)

The event is dedicated to companies needing to adopt a paperless approach in their scientific data management throughout the product life cycle.

We decided to focus this year’s edition on the Internet of Lab things (IoLT) with the title “2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence – transforming scientific information into actionable insight“.

The event consists of a balanced mix of plenary and workshop sessions.  The sponsors benefit an interactive workshop where they showcase the latest trends in methodology, systems and tools. Attracted by the chance to get to know the key players and the new comers, our visitors have several opportunities to network and interact with providers, peers and colleagues.

The concept of IoLT (Internet of Lab Things) is now becoming a new acronym for the industry, a derived approach for laboratories of the IoT that everybody is getting familiar with. The concept of data received directly from instruments, sensors, devices perfectly fits with the laboratory world, where the opportunities to create a seamless integration will be certainly driving the future of the scientific data management.

The IoLT acronym has been introduced for the first time during the previous edition of the event, confirming that the Paperless Lab Academy is the place to be to learn about future trends in the market

see PLa2017 Video


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