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Paperless Lab Academy 2017 confirmed as best lab automation European Congress

At NL42  we are extremely pleased with the results and feedback received after the recent acquisition of the event’s organization ( Press Release) The event is dedicated to companies needing to adopt a paperless approach in their scientific data management throughout the product life cycle. We decided to focus this year’s edition on the Internet of Lab things (IoLT) with the title “2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence – transforming scientific information into actionable insight“. The event consists of a balanced mix of plenary and workshop sessions.  Read More...

Primeras Fases de un Proyecto LIMS

italiano  –  english La gestión de datos en laboratorios es una responsabilidad de gran repercusión en toda la compañía ya que no implica solo la gestión del flujo de trabajo en el propio laboratorio. La recogida de datos se inicia en el momento de la recepción de las muestras, sigue la toma de decisión en cuanto al análisis que deban experimentar (analista, PNT, urgencias del cliente…) y concluye con la entrega del informe final y su facturación. Es correcto pensar que Read More...

First Phases of a LIMS Project

Laboratory data management is a responsibility of great impact across the company It implies not only the management of the workflow in the laboratory itself. Data collection begins at the moment of samples reception, follows with the decision related to the analysis to be executed (analyst, Standard Operating Procedures, customer priorities…) and ends with the delivery of the final report and invoicing. For computer experts it should be easy to design such informatics solutions. If it were not that each Read More...

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